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Fethiye Bozukkale Cruise


We invite fellow sailors to our adventurous cruise to Bozukkale, one of the remote and isolated corners of Turkey!

What To Expect?

Exploring the coves of Göcek and Marmaris on and offshore
Enjoyable moments of sailing and life at sea
Onshore excursions at Bozukkale and Bedri Rahmi Cove
Marvelous food to fulfill your body and soul
Opportunity to meet new people, to make new connections
Sports activities

Bozukkale Bay

If you want to visit Bozukkale and the remains of Loryma ancient city from land, which is a nice spot to spend the night for boats cruising from Marmaris to Bodrum, you need to go to Taşlıca from Söğüt by car and the rest by foot. With its unique position protected from winds, Bozukkale Bay is one of the most important stops of blue voyage boats and yachts. The bay had also strategic significance in history due to its location. In 1412 B.C. Atino navy fleet stopped over here, and in 395 B.C. the navy gathered here before the Battle of Cnidus. Today, there are three restaurants in the bay to serve the blue voyage boats and yachts. The remains of Loryma Ancient City are at the entrance of the bay, right on top of the hill overlooking the bay. The most significant remain of the city is the citadel, 120 meters long and 10 meters wide, still standing quite strong. The citadel was built to protect the entrance of the bay and fortified in time. Bear in mind that there is another Ancient Time citadel on a steep hill located in the north of the Bay.

Reference: Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Webpage of Muğla

What Have We Organised For You?

1,5 hours of onshore theoretical training before setting sail on the first day
3-3,5 hours of daily sailing practice
2 nights and 3 days of accommodation on boat
Healthy lunches and snacks on boat
Breakfasts and dinners at exquisite restaurants in bays
Water, coffee, tea on boat
Life jackets
Bed linen, pillow, pique, blanket


What Is Expected of You?

Transportation to Fethiye (by bus, car or plane)
Transfer from the airport/bus station to Ece Saray Marina if not travelling by car
Swimming goggles
Alcoholic beverages (you can buy and bring to the boat)
Travel insurance including sailing (optional)


Travelling somewhere you do not know is discovering a part of yourself you do not know."

Martin Buber