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Fethiye Marmaris Cruise


An enjoyable sailing journey starting from Fethiye one-way to Marmaris beginning on 12th of June, combining theoretical and practical onshore and offshore training, mindfulness, having a vivid connection between our bodies and minds, being simple and going with the flow, sailing and life at sea, with an exquisite vacation.

The cruise which will commence on 19th of June, will be from Marmaris Netsel Marina. We will discover beautiful bays of Marmaris including, Çiftlik, Bozukkale, Dirsekbükü, Selimiye, Bencik, Bozburun, Serçe Limanı and will return back to Marmaris Netsel Marina.

**Destinations that we plan to discover and our route may change due to weather and sea conditions.

What To Expect?

Exploring the coves of Göcek and Marmaris on and offshore
Enjoyable moments of sailing and life at sea
Exploratory walks at Gebekse Bay among historic remains
Opportunity to meet new people, to make new connections
Sports activities

Amos Bay

One can reach the remains of the ancient city of Amos from the northwest of Kumlubük cove, the hill called Asarcık located on the south of the steep beach. Amos is up on a hill hosting an amphitheatre, a temple and some pedestals. Bilge Umar notes that Amos has certain meanings in the Hellenic language. He believes that it was impossible to name a city as Amos, and so it is a word from Luwi or Karia languages from 2000 B.C. It is argued that it is derived from the Mother Goddess temple. However, there is yet another very interesting argument regarding the name Amos. Amos is, at the same time, the name of one of the 12 Minor Prophets among 55 prophets deemed as holy by the Hebrews, mentioned in Tanakh among more than 700 prophets cited in the Old Testament. Furthermore, the name Amos is found in the Ugaritic texts, allegedly the origin of Hebrew, discovered in 1928 near Latakia in Syria. It is still not clear when this city, which is not referred to by the ancient time historians, was founded. Notwithstanding, the remains of the city were found on the hills of Hisarburnu. In the northeast, the remains of the amphitheatre can still be seen with its seating tears. In addition, the walls of the Cavea reaching 6 meters high still stand. One of the three amphitheatres facing Rhodes is in Amos. During his excavations, Prof. George E. Bean revealed (1948) four inscriptions stating the conditions of three separate tenancy contracts dating back to 200 B.C. According to the inscriptions, the people of Amos worshipped Apollon with the name ‘Apollo Samnaios’. The name Samnaios should be specific to the people of Amos as there is no other reference to this name anywhere else. The Altar of Dionysos is such as to prove an intense wine production in Amos. Coexistence of two opposing cults, namely Dionysos and Apollon, is above all an indication that Amos is a typical city of Caria. The walls surrounding the city are 2 meters wide, 3-4 meters high at some places. The city walls are fortified by bastions from time to time and the main gate in the north is still quite solid today. Apart from the city walls in the northwest, the necropolis stretching out downhill attracts attention. Here, the tombs are Caria-type tombs and most of them are in the form of funerary chambers.

Reference: Official Website of District Governorship of Marmaris, Republic of Turkey

What Have We Organised For You?

1,5 hours of onshore theoretical training before setting sail on the first day
2 hours of daily sailing practice
6 nights and 6 days of accomodation on boat
Healthy lunches and snacks on boat
Water, coffee, tea on boat
Teknede Wi-fi
Life jackets
Bed linen, pillow, pique, blanket
Canoe for two
Fins, mask, snorkel


What Is Expected of You?

Transportation to Fethiye (By bus, car or plane) (For routes starting from Marmaris, transportation to Marmaris)
Transfer from the airport/bus station to Ece Saray Marina if not travelling by car. (Ask for airport transfer)
Swimming goggles
Alcoholic beverages (you can buy and bring to the boat)
Necessary shopping if you want to cook onboard
Travel insurance including sailing (optional)

Photos of Previous Cruises


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

Gustave Flaubert